The ” Warehouses Torre”

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Just in sunny day to understand the natural ancient vocation Cervia and its inhabitants.  Production and collection of the sea Salt.  Saline behind the SS.16 Adriatic, dating back to the X-century a.d., although some recent findings are supposed to already be present in the Roman period.  The majority of the inhabitants of Cervia dealt of production and preservation of Salt.  so-called “salinari”,  men and women who worked hard handcrafted lots where was divided the Saline, “cavadura” now reduced to Rite citizen celebrated annually in memory. let’s try to imagine it with the wide straw hat, the rolled up trousers, the feet soaked with chloride, wet with sweat, under the relentless sun to rake white gold. White gold that was collected from spring in mid-September (season salifera)  and then loaded on “burchielle”, boats flat bottom  that transported it to the wharehouses through the canal port.

One of the three buildings that completed the salt production cycle in The Tower , built in 1691, for the treasure of Romagna Michelangelo Maffei, to ensure the salt product in Saline  Impressive salt product in saline, a long-80m and wide 26-meter long rectangular example industrial archeology, could contain up to 130,000 tons of Salt.

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