Palazzo Nuovo

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Palazzo Campana, 1968, the Student Movement occupies the university building starting years of struggles against academic power, together with workers’ strikes. A complex and convulsive period in which the air of revolt was breathed in every corner of the city, everywhere stood symbols of protest with flags Viet Cong, symbols of “Che” Guevara and posters with signs of protest. Universities and high schools were occupied and evacuated, while processions of young people flocked to the streets to oppose the privileges of the “barons”.

One of the central places of this complex period of protest is certainly the current seat of the humanistic faculties, Palazzo Nuovo. The building was built in the early sixties and was immediately used as a palace of the University of Turin.

A good example of the gigantic mobilization that affected this place is April 24, 1968, when the Student Movement took to the streets for the liberation of Guido Viale, a leader of the revolt in prison at the New Prisons. Three thousand young people, starting from the Polytechnic, arrived at Palazzo Nuovo and occupied the building, displaying a banner with the words “The University is ours!”.

On November 24th the student struggle became even more heated: ten thousand students paraded through the city in a procession and loudly asked for more freedom of opinion, the right to meet in assembly and release two members of the Contestation, to summarize the indignation and desires of the movement a sign between the crowd that said: “Neither Robot nor Slaves!


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