The Obelisk of Savoia Square

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A “time box” is hidden in the bases of the large obelisk in Piazza Savoia. Inside there are some coins, food, wine and then the numbers 141 and 142 of the People’s Gazette in which you were invited, in the articles, to sign for the construction of the monument. The building in front of you was built in 1850 to celebrate the promulgation of the famous Siccardi laws, which deprived the church of some privileges such as the ecclesiastical forum for which members of the clergy were not judged by a state court but only by a special formed by the Holy See.

The obelisk of the Siccardi laws in Piazza Savoia

On the surface of the obelisk there are written the names of all the municipalities that contributed to its construction and at the base there is the inscription “The law is the same for all” that points straight towards the general cemetery, a phrase that in that position gave rise to many superstitions and left room for many hilarities. On the southern base, instead, we find the inscription “abolished by law IX April XDCCCL, the ecclesiastical forum people and town hall this monument posed”.


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