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Forum with Capitolium – WESTERN side The Forum is largest centrai city square, which measured about 150×36 metres and was split in two by the “decumanus maximus; which crossed it in the centre. Citizens gathered to meet, to discuss and to leam about trade or the decisione taken by the city administrators. The north-western part was sacred. The Capitoiium, the main tempie in the city, probabiy dedicated to the Capitoline Triad or other deities, not currently identifiable, dominated it. The Capitium of Augusta Bagiennorum, measuring 10×23 metres, was built on a podium about 4 metres high which was accessed by climbing the large frontal stairs. At the top of the stairs, one crossed a porch, the pronao and then entered the “cella; a large hall in which the great statues of the gods and the treasures offered for good omens, were kept. A gabled roof covered the tempie and it was decorated both in the tympanum and along the sides, with “palmette” antefixes. Pieces of marble decorations, some terracotta antefixes, the probabie end of the rod of one of the statues of the gods and the terminal curi of the throne are exposed here, in the museum. In front of the tempie were found the traces of an altar, used for votive sacrifices. The tempie was surrounded on three sides by a porch with a single nave, which was faced by various rooms; one of these, a rectangular room with flooring, has been interpreted as the curia, the building reserved for meetings of the Senate.

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