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The Forum with the civil Basilica – EASTERN side The “forum” is the large centrai city square, which measured about 150×36 meters and was split in   two by cardo maximo, which crossed it in the centre. In the square, citizens gathered to meet, to discuss and to learn about trade or the decisions taken by the city administrators. The southern part was bounded on the sides by long porches, on which overlooked the shops where you could buy food and drinks, clothes and all kinds of handicrafts. The “civil Basilica” stood at the back. It was a large building for the administration of justice and the conduct of trials. It consisted of a large rectangular covered room of 75×26 meters, probably divided into three naves, a bit like the religious basilicas today. At the ends, there were two large rectangular rooms. It was a very important building with decorations both on the walls and on the roof, where many terracotta “palmette”, patterned antefixes were positioned. Some of these are on the display in the museum. The basilica of Augusta Bagiennorum, is one of the rare examples of civil basilica in northern Italy and the only one so far known in Piedmont.

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