“Rotonda sul Mare”.

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Who has never languidly sighed on the notes of an iconic Italian song of the last century?…

The lyrics of the song (wrongly attributed to a famous singer of the time and still known today) would seem to have been inspired by the vision and atmosphere that spread around this symbol of the nightlife of Senigallia, in those years full of youthful ferment and new trends. 

The history of the Rotonda a Mare dates back to the second half of the 19th century. It all began in the Belle Époque period, when a wooden platform was built over the sea. Hence the idea of building, in 1933, a more resistant, evocative and elegant platform in the heart of Senigallia for hydrotherapy and recreational activities of all kinds, designed on stilts by architect Vincenzo Ghinelli in front of the ‘Stabilimento Bagni’. In 1910 the platform, which was located a few hundred meters north of the current position of the Rotonda, was expanded and was entrusted to private entrepreneurs who transformed it into the Hotel “Bagni”, which in turn was renovated from 1923.

This new intervention maintained the basic shape of the Platform, rectangular and elongated and in Art Nouveau style, but replacing wood with more resistant materials. The decision to move the Platform to its current position, in correspondence with the “Piazzale della Penna”, was taken on 30 January 1932 by the Administrative Committee of the Azienda Autonoma Stazione di Cura e Soggiorno, which chose the project of the engineer Enrico Cardelli, who substantially modified the structure, giving it its current “shell” shape, which made it famous. for his musical evenings, so much so that on July 7, 1935 the then Prince Umberto visited Senigallia to admire the Rotonda and to inaugurate the “Colonia Marina Maria Pia di Savoia”.

During the Second World War the Rotonda served as a military warehouse, but once the conflict ended it returned, especially in the fifties and sixties, to the center of worldliness attracting many tourists and artists of the first order of Italian pop music. Success declined with time, however, and the Rotonda was closed at the end of the eighties because it was declared unfit for use.

Today, after a major renovation financed by the European Union, the Rotonda a mare is back to its former glory, becoming a place for exhibitions, events and locations for civil weddings. But in all these years it has never ceased to fascinate anyone who has visited Senigallia.

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