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The Forum “Annonario”, adjective derived from the Annona, (for those who have not had the opportunity to know it or for those who have forgotten), a section of the public administration that dealt with the supply of food and basic necessities, through a specific card.

From the river Misa wiew

Located in the historic center, a few steps from the central Piazza Roma in frieze to the river Misa that from there a short distance immolates its delta in the Adriatic, seems to want to embrace the whole city.

As in every city one or more monuments identify the place, the Forum is one of the buildings symbol of Senigallia. Its role as an urban place par excellence has remained unchanged since its construction, since today, as then, it is the centre of the daily market, both indoors and in the square, a meeting point, and a theatrical backdrop for cultural events and shows, an urban space of extraordinary charm.

Walking along the eighteenth-century arcades of the picturesque Herculaneum Perilli Street, you find it without noticing in front of you, and you are amazed. This unique hemicycle building offers an opportunity for the imagination and the desire to learn more about its history.

Designed to extend the commercial spaces within the ancient city walls, its construction covers a period of time ranging from 1810 to 1847 and is marked by the drafting of more than ten projects, different from each other but all focused on the idea of a new square as the urban backdrop of the axis of the riverfront.

Only in 1835 was the project approved by the architect Pietro Ghinelli (1759-1834), municipal engineer of Senigallia since 1816, and made entirely of bricks, in neoclassical style, proposes a circular plan on which 24 Doric columns are developed to support the structure above forming a large porch.

The old fish market and the fish market are in the shade of the portico, sheltered from the rays of the sun that reach it only at sunset. Under the portico there are numerous local wine and food shops, while the attic houses the library and the municipal archives.  .

Its presence embodies the role of urban space par excellence, which has remained unchanged since its construction. The heart of the Forum is the square itself, delimited by a complex of columns.

But the Forum Annonario is also a fascinating stage for many important events, cultural events and shows. In 2011, the spot for the new BMW 6 series was shot here. The recent renovation has also made it the cultural heart of the city.


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