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How can we not love a place like this, with its inhabitants, who transform a “minor” character into a myth, part of their history, wrapping it in tender understanding and benevolence.

He worked as a tinsmith, while Ricci Pitino Augusto was called Italian, but everyone called him “Trucolo”. He summed up in his body all the defects that nature can distribute: small, ugly, hunchbacked, unbalanced, claudicant, blind in one eye, stammering. His nickname comes from “Trocal” then Trucolo and was attributed because he was as good as “a squat of bread”.
He travelled the whole of Via XX Settembre with his bicycle…..around his neck a thread that tied the lids for pots and pans, a product of his work that he adjusted and made using the scraps from the cans of tomatoes of a factory then existing in Cervia. After assembling them and creating a riveted and tinned edge, he would resell them for very few lire to those who needed them.
Trucolo was taken in benevolent sympathy and transformed into a fairytale character by the Sardinian writer Grazia Deledda, who loved to stay long periods of the year in Cervia.
Trucolo loved this woman showing a deep respect and with great shyness hid behind a plane tree to see her return home in the evening.
Scrupulous and shy in her wallet she didn’t keep money but the photo of her beloved Grazia Deledda, because she couldn’t mix the sacred with the profane.
We like to remember him in this way…., a tender character who left with his passage the metallic tinkling of his lids, around his neck on the way home, imagining tomorrow, perhaps together with his beloved.

Today his memory materializes in a meeting point for the city taking his name, “Coffee Trumpet”, which a few steps from his home in Via XX Settembre, evokes and pays tribute to this delicate character and fairytale of other times, in his own way advocate of the history of the city.

Representation realized with mosaic technique present in the memory, inside the room.

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