The Warehouse “Darsena”

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The production and trade of salt has origins that date back to the Etruscan period, but the salt pans of Cervia will be a source of wealth and power for many centuries to come.
The salt, collected from spring to mid-September, was loaded onto characteristic flat-bottomed boats called burchielle and, through the Canal Harbour, was transported to the warehouses, where it could be stored.

The Darsena Warehouse could contain up to 130000 quintals of clean salt from the Torre Warehouse (located on the opposite side of the canal port).
The salt was packaged in bags for sale, made of jute in the production workshop located in the building behind the warehouse Tower. In the ‘800, to allow the connection between the two warehouses was built an iron bridge used for the passage of the transport of salt.

The Darsena Warehouse is to be restored and a cultural centre is to be created inside it, with facilities for catering and tasting, to be combined with spaces for trade, wellness, art and tourism.


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