The “Buscarola”

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Aldo Spallicci (Santa Maria Nuova di Bertinoro, 22 November 1886 – Premilcuore, 14 March 1973) was an Italian doctor, poet and politician, as well as an expert and promoter of the identity and popular traditions of Romagna.

In 1962, Aldo Spallicci writes that the name should be changed to Cervia Pineta, because Milano Marittima is one of those names from colony that put Romagna equally to a land of conquest as an African land, and it is a matter of dignity.

When Aldo Spallicci left Villa Tempini in Viale Gramsci, hit by the urbanization of Milano Marittima, he decided to move to an area still “virgin” beyond the boundary of the locality, in the Cervia Pineta area. On the external façade of the villa there is a commemorative plaque dedicated to Aldo Spallicci. Before that, there was Villa Giugni.

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