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Disseminated in places of historical and cultural interest, the Tellingstones are digital objects that preserve stories written by a team of experts to tell about the city you are visiting.

To unlock the stories on your smartphone, what you need is a Pass, that is an electronic badge like the “CITYPASS” of the City of Turin.

Turin CityPass

In addition, you will need to download a Wallet or an App like “Tellingstones”, if it is not yet present on your smartphone, which will also allow you to access other services, designed to make your visit more fun and safe.

With Tellingstones, your smartphone is enabled to receive notifications whenever you are near a place of particular historical or cultural interest, specially prepared.

The notifications allows you to access contents related to the history of the place, starting from the events of historical figures related with these places.

This is technically possible because the Cities that experiment this mode of exploring the territory (for example the City of Turin) allow local operators to install “beacons” (small electronic devices that indicate their presence via Low Energy Bluetooth) inside the historical places, typically hiding them under the floor, or in niches within walls, which are often made with stone elements (the “stones”).

If you want, you can also share the thoughts and emotions that the story has aroused, publishing a message that everyone can read and comment, getting in touch directly with the people who wrote those stories.

If you are surfing with a smartphone, click the writing you see below to get the “Tellingstones App” and your personal “CityPass” (currently available only for Android systems):


You can make possible that another person gets Tellingstones App and his personal, unique, safe and anonymous CityPass, simply by asking to point her/his smartphone on the QRcode that you see below:


If instead you have arrived at this page surfing with a computer, you can get the Tellingstones App and your personal CityPass, simply by framing with your mobile phone the QRcode you see above.