Tellingstones is a digital system that presents you, in an original way , the place you are visiting or where you live.

It works through an app, some beacons installed in the area and a card that activates notifications on your smartphone about stories and services in the area you pass through.

By downloading the app you can choose to add different cards that refer to communities and places already active on Tellingstones.

In addition to receiving information, through an app management system, some authorized entities (e.g. organizations and institutions, museums, cultural associations) can send information of general interest related to the promotion of a territory or the holding of an event.

Tellingstones is the official app of the European project “ToNite” and will be used to enhance the subjects and stories of the territory, to strengthen the community among the project participants and to allow the experimental services to dialogue with the citizens.

Tellingstones was the official app of the European Master Games 2019 in Turin.

Download the Tellingstones app and customize it by uploading one or more Cards.

Safe, unique and anonymous, choose them among those available and they will connect you with the local services, events and communities you follow.

Tellingstones is the ultimate App that will allow you to access other existing services, anywhere in the world, designed to make your visit more fun and safe!

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